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7 Days to Setting and Achieving Your Goals

As a public speaker, consultant and "everything" that goes with those titles, I'm "busy"; but I love it! Being organized and having goals is the only way I can move forward in a fashion that satisfies me and proves that I've actually accomplished something. Without this evidence, I am unfulfilled; and unhappy with myself. 

That's why I love this system called: GoalsOnTrack. When you go to the site you'll see a ton of things but what I offer you right here (borrowed from the system) will be a great starting point. When you see results, then I encourage you to consider enrolling. How's that for honest coaching! 

So in the next several posts (in about 7 days or so I'll have these up, unless you read this sometime in the future). Spend a day, several days or even a week on each of these 7 steps to really get them into your life routine. 

When you do everything set out for you in these 7 days, be sure to take notes and make notes and then... act; really act on what you’ve read and written; you will double your income within 6 to 12 months. When you’ve come to realize the power of these 7 steps (which may happen before you’ve gone through all 7 or perhaps you’ll find completing these 7 steps is all you want and need) I recommend this ongoing system/service: CLICK HERE.

The research is clear: People who set goals are more successful.
Business owners make more profit, professors get tenure faster, employees get larger raises, even students learn up to 250% faster when goals are set for them far, far more than if they are merely told to 'do their best.'
We are humans and we can think in future terms. Animals don't set goals, because they can't. We can certainly choose to not set goals, but then we would be wasting a true gift given only to us humans.
If you ever dream about a better future and want to achieve success, here are some great reasons why you want to set goals.

#1 Write it down

According to a study done by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. Or interpret it this way: if you set two goals that you often failed in the past, start writing them down this time. With everything else being equal, the same amount of effort, motivation, discipline, etc., you will most likely achieve at least one of the two. To make it work even better, write it down repeatedly.
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I look forward to seeing you on our next visit; day 2 of this series, Setting and Achieving Your Goals. We'll talk about creating your definite plan. 
To see details of the complete system please CLICK HERE. 

Ready to go to step 2 in our 7 days of goals planning and achieving? CLICK HERE

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