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Re-Think "The Leader of the Pack"

Wisdom speaks and is everywhere; we just need to see it when it makes itself available. Today I saw this awesome post on Linkedin and just had to share it with my readers. Please pass it on in your talks and elsewhere. I'm giving credit to:

Fear not, but Understand

I saw this at my local library; wisdom can be found everywhere and anywhere, when your eyes are open to seeing it!

Most people would simply read this sign and move on without thinking much more about it. I however, write it on a 3 x 5 card and read it for 3 times each day for 3 days. I also remember the wisdom and use it to "understand" that when I meet new people or new challenges, that I needn't fear but to understand. Understand that perhaps the person may not be "ready" to receive that moment what it is that I am presenting to and for them or just to have a deeper sense in any situation.

Maybe you'll get something from this message.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

Life & Legacy Coach

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Ramblings of a Rich Man

Following is the start of an article, which will become a book and then the basis for one of my coaching programs. I present it here, in segments as it comes about to my readers at no fee. Don't devalue it because I give it to you here. Read it and do the "assignments" I present and then let me and others know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ramblings of a Rich Man

What is your purpose?

Write it down; now. Go ahead, what are you waiting for? For many, we simply don’t know what our purpose is and we’re waiting for the hand of God to have a plane (or now a Droid, perhaps) write it out in sky writing for us to see when we look up. You won’t see it there. And, you won’t see it anywhere “outside” of you. Oh, you may find clues outside yourself which confirm your inner thoughts but you and you alone know your purpose.
Have you written it down yet? There is something about writing things down with our own hand and then looking at it (several times; actually maybe thousands of times) with our own eyes that makes something more real and nothing is more “real” than our purpose, that is when we know it.
Before you leave this next paragraph, please write down your purpose. OK, I’ve purposely stressed this to you only to impress upon you how important this is and I won’t leave you without a lesson.
For years I never knew what my purpose was, or better what God’s purpose was for my life. I wasn’t looking for skywriting but not writing something down and continually tweaking it until I knew what my purpose was just as absurd.

One’s purpose is discovered, revealed and developed.

To find out what your purpose is and to know what your purpose is, simply do this. First “think about it” and then write something down on paper. Then revisit what you’ve written after you’ve lived a few days or a few months. Did you “live” your purpose during that time? Did you live anything “close” to what you’ve written? Now ask yourself how you feel about how you’ve “lived” according to your purpose; what was good and not good? Tweak it a little and experiment; live it for a while longer and keep coming back to it and eventually you will know your purpose. You may forget it sometimes (so keep it as a reminder on a 3 x 5 card in your wallet or a poster on your wall) but you will eventually be able to tell someone your purpose “in your sleep” but more importantly you will truly know your purpose and it will “show” in how you live your life.

Those who refuse to take the time to find out, know and live their purpose have a harder time making decisions and taking directions and usually end up where they don’t want to go in life or it takes them much longer to live a happy and fulfilled life. They are what many have called the “wondering generalities”. Now that you know what your purpose is, you can live it. Don’t worry at all, if you wrote something down and you find out that this is not your purpose, you will know what many others, who will not, will never know and that is what your purpose is “not”! You see it’s all beneficial. When you work on this part of “who you are” you will know what your purpose is what it isn’t and can move forward in your life’s journey accordingly!

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