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Answers from the Cosmos: What are you Painting Today?

Because positive declarations and affirmations are so important in one’s life, I am now including one with each “Daily Dose of the Cosmos”, starting with today’s wisdom byte. Also, I am still offering the in-depth study of 10 wisdom bytes made popular by the worldwide audience’s comments and shares: 10 Weeks with the Cosmos, absolutely Free. Today’s motivational thought: Be the artist of your life; every day is a new day to paint it your way.   Answers from the Cosmos: What are you Painting Today?: Every morning you start with a blank canvas. It is up to you to paint the picture that you want. A.K. Cosmos PS. The brush is i...

Better Health Now; in Your Home (for you, and your pets!)

It's been said that when you have your health, you have (just about) everything. So what does it mean when you don't have your health? Well, pretty much the opposite; mainly a lesser quality of life. Basically, life "sucks" when you can't do the things you want, with the people you want, when you want and where you want ... because your health is dictating all or most of your lifestyle choices.

That's why I was excited to learn about this medical device which has been used in Europe with great results by everyday people like you and me and is now, here in the USA. I found out about it because of my involvement in health and wellness and today I'm sharing it with you.

Here is a recent ad that I posted:

Better Health Now; in Your Home

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Over one million people use it with great results.

Reply and ask for free information and then if you would like more details on how to try one in your home, use our contact information that we’ll provide when we respond.

Isn’t it time that you had some satisfaction in any of these areas?


If you would like to know more, let me know by completing the form below or clicking here. I'll send a reply with some very revealing information and then if you would like more information, it is available upon further request! 

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Ter Scott's Success Quotes Today: Wisdom Byte, "It's a New Day..."

Join us every week for
the Wisdom Byte which you made famous! 
Ter Scott's Success Quotes Today: Wisdom Byte, "It's a New Day...": If you want to be wealthy, I highly recommend you read this book. My life is a new gift every morning;  that's why its called...

Senior Source; The ONE Stop Source Site for Seniors!: Healthcare Advocate Promotes Medical Technology in...

Request a free brochure
outlining the benefits of European technology in one medical device which helps
people heal faster, sleep better and live better. 
Senior Source; The ONE Stop Source Site for Seniors!: Healthcare Advocate Promotes Medical Technology in...: Hello, my name is Terry (Ter) Scott. I am first an advocate for consumer’s health and wealth protection. I’m also an agent in the insur...

A Lesson from the Cosmos

Today I will share with you an actual lesson from my "10 Weeks with the Cosmos". It's a course I've developed to help people become better thinkers, be wiser and have a greater appreciation for life and their surroundings. If you would like to join the course which includes basic feedback from yours truly (its Free) just visit here

10 Weeks with the Cosmos LESSON #1

Welcome to your first day of school, your first day of the rest of your life, and the first day which begins your awesome journey forward in becoming a wiser person. Remember that wisdom is a double-edged sword. Seek wisdom (that’s what you are doing here) but don’t be “wise in your own eyes”; being “too” wise for your own good and do not disclose your wisdom to just anyone. Becoming wise and being wise will give you power but also a responsibility.

The wisest man who ever lived was Solomon and you can read about all of his sayings in the book of Proverbs. I read one chapter per day; it only takes a few minutes sometimes I listen to an audio version of the entire book while drifting off to sleep and sleeping.

You don’t have to be “religious” or “spiritual” to reap the wisdom of the ages which have been recorded through time and is made available to you via the Universe. But you will naturally seek out more and more wisdom and become more “spiritual” as you journey.

Today’s Wisdom Byte is:

Live the same yesterday, today and forever.

Because of all you did 
and how you lived
on the day before today; 
everything says “yes” today!

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You did good kid.

What is your first impression? Jot down a few thoughts:

Now write it on a slip of paper or 3 x 5 card to carry with you and refer to several times during your day this week.

I come up with these “Daily Doses from the Cosmos” usually the night before; typically about 11 p.m. (my time) and publish them. I sit quietly with pen and paper and write things. I am influenced and inspired by my past, experiences and what I’ve seen and read; sometimes that very day.

I usually come up with the Wisdom Byte, followed by the PS. And then come up with the title.
Today’s Wisdom Byte has some resemblance to a statement about God being the same yesterday, today and forever. Being that this is the “Genesis” (beginning) of your 10-week wisdom journey, it seemed fitting to start with this one. Take note of what you may be feeling now and as we continue. If you are immediately offended because I “mention” God, so be it. But I encourage you to get beyond that. It really isn’t my point.

You are the same yesterday, today and forever.

You create your future by your thoughts. Your thoughts then motivate you to action (or they should) your actions create habits and your habits create your reality. So what you thought and what you did, the day before today has created your reality for today; and your reality will build on that and will be modified by your new thoughts and so it continues.

The world (your world) says “Yes” because you first said yes to yourself. You are allowing the world to say yes, and you accept yes; “yes” is your command. “Yes” is what you expect because you create “yes” to happen. Because of your thoughts, actions backed by your intentions, you’ve opened the realm of “yes” to be realized.

The “PS” here is meant to encourage and applaud you, in “advance”. I’m giving you something to live up to. “He said that I did good, so I guess I’d better prove this right”.

Per the title:  Live the same yesterday, today and forever.

Since you are creating your world and life built on your thoughts, and today is the day you prepared for yesterday while manifesting what you wanted for tomorrow, I am encouraging you to live the same as you lived yesterday. Live the way (you prepared) you lived yesterday, today; and from here on- forever!

Here is one final note. Some great thinkers believe that there is no such thing as yesterday, today and tomorrow and that we are all living just one big day. What are your thoughts?

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach ™

Here is your “assignment” for these next 7 days. Don’t fret anything and start in “slowly” if you want; it is your first lesson after all. But know that you will definitely get out what you get in (actually more with this course); you be your own best “manager”.

What are your thoughts about today’s Wisdom Byte? List at least 5 (write what you can and come back if needed):
1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________________

Now create your own “assignment”. What way will you use this material in your daily situations? Do you have a specific area of interest where you could put this wisdom to use?

List what you propose to do on each day of this week, and then do so in the morning and in the evening write a bit on how it went.

DAY 1: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 2: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 3: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 4: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 5: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 6: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
DAY 7: Proposal/plan: ____________________________________________________
Evening Evaluation: ____________________________________________________
Week Overview Evaluation: ____________________________________________________

Please visit the Wisdom Byte online and leave your weekly comment.

Have you entered up to 7 questions to be answered by Ter about this week’s Wisdom Byte or anything that you’ve encountered personally? This really is “interactive” and you’ll get so much more out of your 10 weeks by getting in as many questions weekly as possible.

Next week’s lesson will be about how we see ourselves as either a victim or victor. What might you do in preparation for this thought?

These lessons are emailed to subscribers and the entire 10-week course is absolutely at no cost; plus you get my feedback on all of your questions! CLICK HERE and join by clicking the pic at the upper right of the page.