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He Lived Long and Prospered, Leonard Nimoy dies at 83

An icon passed away today and he will be missed by so many.
He was a man who certainly lived his dreams. I really don't have
words to say but if you were fortunate to know him (I did not) other
than coming home and after school, watching him save the universe on
TV it must have been a real adventure.

Rest in peace.

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Robert Kiyosaki's view on Network Marketing and Ter Scott's new business launch...

I will be launching two businesses this year and am opening them to those who want to partner with me.

One will require an investment of about $1000 to start with continual reinvesting in yourself and your business but you will be financially free (when you follow the system) withing 2 to 5 years. The second will require and investment of only about $100 and the return is exceptional. However, my partners need to want to "win".

Do you have to be "right"? Do you need to stay "comfortable"? Do you need to be "liked"? If so, you do not qualify. Maybe in the future; but not now. You need to work on yourself. But, if you are ready to "win" you may qualify.

This is not my time to tell you about these two businesses but I did want to "leak" this out there to see what interest there is. Plus, I wanted to share with you a video by my friend Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad author) where he talks about the network marketing industry (or any business and achievement for that matter). These two businesses launches are not necessarily based on network marketing, but this is a great video to see just where you stand as an entrepreneur.

PS. Robert is not associated with these businesses in anyway but you might enjoy some of his products below. I'll appreciate any purchases using this link as I get a small amount as an ad fee for Robert which keeps me able to bring this content to you.

John Lee, 25K views within 4 months; this guy must know something!

This is a phenomenal interview of a colleague of mine, John Lee. People are looking for the "answer" to making money but probably only 2% will even watch this video- completely. I'm posting this because the information is so important that I want my own kids to watch and learn (but everyone else can look in too).

Of the 2% who watch this video fewer will take notes and watch it several times, and even fewer who do that much will put it into action. But think of this: this John Lee video got over 25,000 views within 4 months! That is really saying something.

So enough of my yacking. Get a pen and paper, and watch this several times taking notes each time. Then create an action plan from your ideas inspired from this video and take action!


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