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Anyone can do well with real estate investing with the proper training...

We are starting a group in many areas of the USA; partnering with a national real estate group that has access to buyers… providing proof of funds, inspection funds, appraisal funds, closing funds… 
(I personally) just started taking classes and in 8 to 12 weeks I will be officially controlling properties… VERY EXCITING! 

If you know anyone that would like to do the same they have spots open for some new candidates. Call Eight eighty eight. 24 one, 4 zero thirtyone and I will register you for a 15 minute business briefing. 

National Real Estate Group teaches Real Estate Investing in Your Local Area (50 States)

Real Estate group teaching investing

What should I say when sharing my business opportunity?

What to say when sharing your business opportunity?

I will soon be publishing my newest website which will have to do with teaching people how to make $100,000 in 12 months. As I'm doing the research and all that it takes to set this up, a lot of things go through my mind. Certainly, if one can earn 100K in 12 months, they could certainly earn a million. That is the mindset I'm sure that some of my readers are at. For others 100K in 12 months would be an increase of income and a launching pad to greater money and wealth. Further, if this income was created with less hours than it takes to do so (or less) when working for someone else, that of course is even better! But I digress, or maybe I'm just thinking out loud; hopefully either way it helps you some way.

Today I want to chat just a bit about sharing business opportunities. Part of creating a 100K (or more) income is having a business and truly the best "paying" businesses are those having to do with sales and building of those sales organizations.

When you share your business opportunity, obviously you need some finesse and confidence which comes with practice, rejection and time; but know that this is the way of everything in life. You've conquered it before when you made new friends, asked a girl for a date, got married, interveiwed for a job, etc. etc, and more etc. You didn't quit, you learned and moved on.

I am involved in many business opportunities, two that I'm currently building and seeking members to join my organization (and get my personal success training) is LegalShield, a prepaid legal service that everyone should have for obvious reasons, and Renatus Real Estate Training and Investing Partnerships. With Renautus, the start up tuition is less than similar things out there but if you ever wanted to buy a home for yourself, do some real estate investing, or even just learn the ins and outs of setting up any type of business the training is essential. I will share links at the end of this article if you want to check out either opportunity. I am telling all of this to you to get to this point...

Not everyone you share your business opportunity "sees" it, which of course is OK, but some (and this is rare) are downright rude and as one of my mentor's says, "They look like they were weaned on a pickle and baptized in lemon juice". Here's what you do with their contact information...
Throw it in the trash and say "next"! You can remain "friends" (at a distance) with them but don't be tempted to get back with them; they have disqualified themselves.

After you've been around a while, you'll see that if you offered someone a job for $100,000 a year with tons of benefits that some will turn it down. You could be in a gold mine and literately hand someone a gold nugget and they wouldn't believe you and the opportunity you are offering.

So don't let it get you down. There are many people looking for what you have, and are waiting for you to let them know that you have it. Keep up the good work!

In future posts I will share about sharing your business opportunity so be sure to sign up to be a "follower by email".

Make it a great day!

PS. Here are those links:

Get more information at my LegalShield site and if interested use my "contact me" at the top of the page.

Watch this free video about Renatus here.

What is the easiest way to buy and own gold?

If you are a regular reader to this blog (and in my opinion you should be and can be by finding the "follow by email" option somewhere on this site) you know that I'm all about you becoming a better person. When you do "more" comes to you. More in the way of jobs, opportunity, friends etc.

What I am sharing today is not for everybody, in the sense that you may not be ready to purchase gold. I'm sure you would agree that it would be nice to have some though right? The first step is to get educated so later when you are "ready" you'll have something to go on.

I'm presenting this video here for that purpose.

People ask me what is the easiest way to buy and own gold. There are probably many answers to that question and I as an agent/advisor for AAI, offer this method to my clients. (I will share a lucrative "golden" business opportunity with readers in the future which again is a reason to be following this blog via your email. And oh by the way, we won't sell it, etc. etc.).

The method is simply this (and pretty straightforward, which is how I like things especially when dealing with money and valuables):

Watch the above video (if you haven't already). Here you'll learn that we deal with Real Gold; it's 100% Bullion. You keep physical gold in your possession (or we can store it for you)
and you can always sell it back to us (You won’t have to go to the “We Buy Gold” places).

Second, visit our website:

IMPORTANT: If you fill out a contact form at the site, in the message box 
be sure to mention Terry Scott is your agent so we can track our marketing (thanks!). 

and if you have questions (just to know we are real) call: 800-489-2516.

Then contact me:

You'll probably get my voice mail which is fine; just leave your name, short message, best time to reach you and your phone number repeating again your name and phone number. I have clients all over the USA and I or a staff member will call you to set a firm appointment where we can invest up to 30 minutes or more to answer all of your questions. Also, don't worry about any high pressure tactics from my end; that's not how I've built my clientele, I build relationships and repeat business. You'll also get my personal cell number once we've done some business together. 

So watch the video and give me a call. I look forward to speaking with you! 

Being good at your job can be dangerous

Really? Then get out and get in your own business! Read this; here's an excerpt from recent Yahoo article:

For one thing, people will expect more of you — whether or not that's actually a valid expectation. In one study, Koval and her colleagues asked undergraduates to rate how well they expected a fictional subject to do academically based on whether or not he accidentally binged on new music at the iTunes store. READ MORE

I learned when I was a kid that when I did a good job at anything; like washing the dishes (I asked my dad if we could get a dishwasher and he replied that he already had one; me), it was always expected. Some people would then revert to doing things badly so they won't be asked again to do something or to get by just under the radar.

And others, well, they got in business for themselves! Come on, why do you (if you are working for someone else and experiencing all the pain this article speaks of) continue to work under those conditions. If you can't stand working for someone else, get out and get in your own business.

There are so many business opportunities available now and guess what, you can work less hours and get paid far more. You don't have to buy yourself a job by paying high franchise fees either.

Following are two such opportunities.

The first is LegalShield which is a company that has been around since 1972 that is now poised to really take off. Get in on this side of the "wave". (Don't you wish you did with Google, Yahoo, and cellphones?)

The second is a company that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to make huge money as a real estate investor right now to take advantage of what's happening in the real estate market.

You can do one or both; I'm involved with both because they can work hand in hand.

CLICK HERE for more details about LegalShield.
CLICK HERE for more details about Renatus Training and Business Opportunity

How to Get Anything You Want - Free eBook by Ter Scott

Hello all.

For a limited time, I am offering my eBook: How to Attain Anything, The List 10 Method to anyone who goes to my webpage: It's a free gift to my clients, prospective clients and anyone around the world who wants to attain something in their life.

It doesn't matter what it is, how big or small, how impossible it may seem to you or even how long you think it will take. Even it it's $5,000 or $100,000 and you need it today, it IS possible! Even if you need to get out of jail or bankruptcy, this will help!
I just ask that you come back here and leave you comments after you have done the steps and leave your results. And, if you state something like it didn't work, and later you have success, 
remember to come back here and tell us that too. 

By the way, you won't need to leave you email or anything to get it; it's a free and instant download. What's in it for me (meaning "me"; Ter Scott)? Well, actually the question should be "what else is in it for "me" (you), because this is my way to show you all of the products, services and income opportunities there are for you that I've also listed on the page.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit:, scroll down and download your copy of Attain Anything, The List 10 Method absolutely free with my compliments!

What Does $38 Billion Mean to You?

I don't care if you are a Democrat, Republican or whatever. What I do care about is that so many people do not think. I remember one person stating that most people don't think; they just "parrot" what they've heard. I have shared about "critical" thinking methods on my other blog articles and I won't go into that today.

Today I want to share how a "friend" who must subscribe to "propaganda of the day" club finds these pics to put up on Facebook. I realize that the is a high percentage of people who read Facebook and spend an extra considerable time (you have to determine what "extra considerable" is for you) have lower income or at least do not make it to the higher income bracket. (I understand that those advertising on Facebook are making millions and more); so I suggest watching the amount of time you spend (and note I didn't say "invest") on Facebook.

So moving on and getting back to my friend and the propaganda of the day, I saw the following picture (minus the words of "caution" that I added for this blog post) for all the Facebook world to see. I try not to stop my scrolling down past these type of posts because of the time wasting attributes, and I know that I've done "casting pearls before swine" here before without any positive change, but I thought that this would be something I could share with my readers here.

So, here are my comments that I posted. If you agree or disagree or want more of my thoughts, please leave your comments after this post.

Sorry, this isn't how it works. We can "say" this will pay for this many students, kids, meals, and medical bills but it is never enough. Throwing money at "programs" has not worked in the past and will not in the future. There's more to say about giving money to these students, kids and families but again, giving money to anyone has never worked. Give a man a fish and he'll expect more fish, teach him how to fish and he'll become a better person (Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Christian, etc.) able to help others with a hand up instead of a hand out.

Make it a great day and please (as my Dad always said) "Use your head for more than a hat rack".

Ter Scott talks about Dean Graziosi's Five Winning Strategies here.

My friend, Dean Graziosi if offering something very special, and it's free. Regardless of what you do for a profession in life, if you are highly successful or you are a dud instead of a stud, you'll find this life changing.  

Free: Try these five "winning strategies" and you will instantly feel 10x more focused, confident, less stressed and more YOU. 

If you don't know Dean, he's a great guy and very successful in the world of real estate investing. But, and this is big, he if very big on helping people in all walks of life. 

I will tell you here that by me telling you about this, I am not getting a red cent, or a cent of any color for that matter. My satisfaction is "paying it forward" as Dean has helped me in so many ways. 

To try Dean's five "winning strategies" CLICK HERE. And oh by the way, if and when you see Dean, tell him that Ter Scott sent you! Enjoy! 

I will be your LegalShield mentor, IF you do these things first:

You can succeed at anything if someone walked with you, talked with you and led you step by step until you knew you could do it on your own, right? But do you have the cash on hand to pay for this coach or mentor? 

Now you don't have to "pay" extra for coaching when you join my LegalShield team, but there is a "catch"; not everybody gets in. 

Don't get me wrong, you can go to anyone who is involved with this great company and join with them. And, you may or may not achieve the success you desire. But anyone who wants to join with me has to follow these four steps: 

I am a mentor and coach for my LegalShield team. But obviously I only have 24 hours in my day too so I can only work with those who want my help. Following are 4 steps you'll need to do to get me as your coach; at no fee! 

You’ll learn things about LegalShield but like anything and and any event, when you have your eyes and ears “on”, you’ll learn about many other things too.

Watch this video (by Robert Kiosaki)  
to find out what “life quarter” you are in. If you like football, this will make sense to you. I’m in the 4th quarter; that’s why I now only work with people who are serious about succeeding (which is a lesson that you and others should learn in earlier quarters of your life).

Go to my LegalShield website and contact me using the “contact me” tab on the site. Tell me why you think you should join my team and be coached by me and the team. Let’s talk. If you agree that more people succeed at something when they have a mentor and a coach, do step 4 and I will assist you in attaining what you want in life, using LegalShield as your vehicle.

Go to my LegalShield site and join as a partner in the business. You could certainly jump right to this step without doing steps 1, 2, and 3 but there is no short cut to success. If you really want to succeed in anything in life, attain anything in life, do all the steps!

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!  

PS. If you have been introduced to LegalShield by someone else, please go back to them and don't ask to sign on with me. This is an ethical business and I'm an ethical person doing my best to do the best. If you were introduced to the business by someone else, get back to that person. 

"You can not succeed successfully, without character". - Ter Scott

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