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What Does $38 Billion Mean to You?

I don't care if you are a Democrat, Republican or whatever. What I do care about is that so many people do not think. I remember one person stating that most people don't think; they just "parrot" what they've heard. I have shared about "critical" thinking methods on my other blog articles and I won't go into that today.

Today I want to share how a "friend" who must subscribe to "propaganda of the day" club finds these pics to put up on Facebook. I realize that the is a high percentage of people who read Facebook and spend an extra considerable time (you have to determine what "extra considerable" is for you) have lower income or at least do not make it to the higher income bracket. (I understand that those advertising on Facebook are making millions and more); so I suggest watching the amount of time you spend (and note I didn't say "invest") on Facebook.

So moving on and getting back to my friend and the propaganda of the day, I saw the following picture (minus the words of "caution" that I added for this blog post) for all the Facebook world to see. I try not to stop my scrolling down past these type of posts because of the time wasting attributes, and I know that I've done "casting pearls before swine" here before without any positive change, but I thought that this would be something I could share with my readers here.

So, here are my comments that I posted. If you agree or disagree or want more of my thoughts, please leave your comments after this post.

Sorry, this isn't how it works. We can "say" this will pay for this many students, kids, meals, and medical bills but it is never enough. Throwing money at "programs" has not worked in the past and will not in the future. There's more to say about giving money to these students, kids and families but again, giving money to anyone has never worked. Give a man a fish and he'll expect more fish, teach him how to fish and he'll become a better person (Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Christian, etc.) able to help others with a hand up instead of a hand out.

Make it a great day and please (as my Dad always said) "Use your head for more than a hat rack".

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