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Your Valuable Content equals Online Money-Making machine in 5 Simple Steps

As a public speaker and author I know that "content is king". I've seen where people's materials fall short and it is usually in the area of creating good content. My guest today not only share how you'll need to create good content, but shows you how to do so and how to use that content in many ways to promote your services and products.

The added value that I'm sharing here today are these statistics. Embrace them and move forward acting on this knowledge:

Putting your content online is essential to your success...
  • Content is a rapidly rising, global trend - it is now the primary influencer of search visibility.
  • Mobile is becoming the centre of marketing. Your products need to be online and accessible via mobile.
  • There are 200 million digital shoppers in the USA alone (
  • 45% of USA consumers prefer to buy the digital product to the same physical product (
  • Your business will ultimately be left behind if you ignore the online component of your business.

Sit back and read this entire article as Lauren Fleiser helps you improve your content!  Or, CLICK HERE to go to her site. 

You are probably here because you have valuable content to share with others, and would like to make good money through your content with online products or memberships. You came to the right place.
You are about to discover a detailed process, with some of the best systems and tools that leading content marketers use to set up content, to create written and audio-visual content, to get traffic to content, to get leads from content and to make sales with product and membership content.
My name is Lauren Fleiser. I had my first successful business at the age of 12. I started 'How 2 for Entrepreneurs' to share the hundreds of entrepreneurial skills I have learned and practically applied over the last 25 years.
In this step-by-step training, I will share with you exactly how, as a non-technical person, I turned my valuable content into online products and memberships, how I get loads of leads for these products every day and how I convert those leads into loads of online sales.

# Step 1: Set up your content platforms to ensure leads and sales.

Get the foundations of your content set up correctly from the beginning. You will learn exactly how to do your setup to avoid all the common problems that arise with content websites down the line and cause wasted time and money. You will get to know the systems you need from Day 1 to ensure that you have everything in place for every aspect of your content strategy from login-protected content, to good content creation, to getting lots of leads, sales and building passive income. You will learn the pros and cons of each system (that we have already been through) and how to manage the cons, so that you can avoid these painful, time-consuming learning curves yourself.

# Step 2: Create the right content that gets you more traffic.

You will learn which tools you can use to create professional content that makes people go ‘wow’ and keep coming back to your website. You will get to know the types of content you need to create in order to ensure loads of traffic, leads and sales. You will even learn how to outsource content creation so you don’t need to do it all yourself.

# Step 3: Generate consistent leads from your content.

This step will teach you how to get leads pouring in with your content. You will learn how to create and set up free giveaways on your website that people can’t resist signing up for. You will learn all the tools you need to set up opt-in forms and popup forms, as well as the secrets to maximize opt-ins and get people to become paying customers. Industry secrets to drive big volumes of traffic to your opt-in forms, via social media and Google Adwords, will be revealed to you.

# Step 4: Make lots of sales and generate passive income from your content.

You will learn the most valuable skill of all – how to set up a sales funnel that converts a high percentage of your leads into actual product or membership sales. You will get to know which systems you should be linking together to create a sales funnel that works. And you will learn the most prized industry secret that the top content marketers in the world are privy to – how to structure your sales page to ensure that loads of people buy.

# Step 5: Set up online payment systems that make it easy for people to pay you.

Live your big business dreams and take your content products global with online payment systems that cater to a wide variety of countries and currencies. You will not only learn which payment systems are out there (other than Paypal), but which ones to choose to ensure they integrate correctly with your login access functionality to your content products.

Ter's note: The above are the 5 steps and you can write them down, do some research on your own and make it work to some degree; but why invent the wheel. Cut the learning curve. GET MORE DETAILS HERE. 

TESTIMONIAL: I've been working through Lauren's training and taking copious notes. I am thrilled to bits with how deep the training goes. I've seen other "how to set up your website for traffic and sales" training videos, most which I got through in about and hour. Lauren's training takes a day to work through, because you're getting much more value. 
Lauren not only shows which systems she's using, but why, as well as others that she's tested, with her list of pro's and con's of each. There are so many benefits  I could list here, but the best one for me being told that a Thank You page on your member site actually requires 5 different pages (with explanations of each) that make the backend process from sale to product access work smoothly. Well that explains why I've failed in the past... 
I'm chomping at the bit to start implementing what I've learned, and look forward to giving an update once I've done do. M. Mills, Edenvale, GA
Thanks Lauren. I hope that people will visit your site and take advantage of your limited time offer

For now dear reader,
Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!
Bricks to Clicks Internet Marketing Consultant. 

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