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Mentor, Ter Scott offers Coaching with Handwriting Analysis for low, low fee

Have you enjoyed our sessions/articles here? If so, you may consider taking me up on this limited time offer. (If you come to this page and the link still works and/or the page still opens, then it is still available).

You may or may not know that I am a graphologist. To make it easier for people to understand I bill myself as the "Handwriting Interpreter". I explain to my clients what their writing reveals and when time permits, I share ways how they can improve their lives by making slight changes in their writing (this is called "grapho-therapy").

So what does this have to do with my mentoring people and specific you, if you want to act on this?

The answer is that when I spend 30 or 60 minutes on the phone with someone about their handwriting and personality traits, we invariably talk about other things which turns into a coaching call as well.

Here's my point. Depending on what the topic and reason for my mentoring coaching, a phone consultation could easily be $500, $1000 or more. Right now as a test, I am offering a 30 minute phone session for only $75 and a 60 minute session for only $150. And that comes with a handwriting analysis!

What a deal?!!!

So, if interested just click on this image or visit:

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Ter Scott! 
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