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Why does only 3 percent of the world’s population achieve real true success?

Why do only 3 percent of the world’s population, even here in the states where I live; one of the richest lands with the richest minds, achieve real true success? I’m not going to cover the definition of success in this content but will share some thoughts to rouse you to doing greater things and taking greater risks to, be all that you can be.

I was prompted to write this because of my experiences in creating and promoting many offers as The Life & Legacy Coach™ and also in my other businesses where I’ve invited people to free coaching sessions, rides to success events put on by other coaches, no cost or low cost educational events and more; where I know that people “know but don’t act”. I also know that I’m “not the Lone Ranger” as I know that other coaching friends such as Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Tony Robbins are always  offering to help people and the vast population (the other 97%) continue to chose to live their same life, in the same way, every day as if they have eternity on this side of eternity.  

You may be reading this (or part of this as an article) in LinkedIn, Alignable, or in one of my 100 blogs or perhaps I am referring to this in one of my live sessions and you are not doing anything to get out of the 97% “rut”. If you want to join the 3%, or at least the top 5%, continue reading because I’m going to ask you to take action and one of those actions is to literally leave a comment as what your thoughts are to this topic.

Ter Scott! MONEY- MARKETING – MOTIVATION is a coach, speaker, and author. He resides in Superior Wisconsin with his cat Prosper and is available to educate, motivate any group, anywhere and anytime to inspire higher to live in balance and wisdom to make their world and that of those around them better for today and for generations forward.

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