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Five Gifts from the Mentor of mentors

Today is a turning point in your life.

I am not here to preach; I’m only a mentor (OK, not "only", but simply, "a mentor"). I’ve had many mentors in my life and I use my knowledge, experience and wisdom from what I’ve learned from them, to share with my students and clients.

Today let me introduce you to someone, that is, if you haven’t yet met or heard of Mike Smalley. He too is a “mentor” and he shares in his talk "five gifts" that you can receive from the Mentor of mentors; the King of Kings.

As I’ve already said, I’m not here to preach but I will tell you that I am here to reach! It is no accident that you are here reading this and soon to watch a video that will definitely change your life; if you allow it. I’m not going to tell you how to respond or to respond at all when and after you watch Mike’s talk. All of the response is entirely up to you.

However, being a mentor (an instructor and teacher) I know that assignments, action and repeated viewings offer opportunity for growth. Do you want to grow; really?

OK, here’s your assignment. If you are committed to change and disciplined to allow change to happen in your life, do this.

I’m not telling you how to take action, but I am asking you to “take” action.

Take out a calendar, either on your phone or a wall or pocket calendar, and mark off and schedule a full hour for the the next seven Sundays.

Save this post and schedule time to watch this video one time each week and leave your comments after each time that you do so. Don’t worry if you don’t see others commenting, you can be the first.

Take notes each of the seven times that you watch and experience this video. Assuredly, each time you will hear and learn something new; keep a notebook and date each of your seven entries.
Get inspired and take action on your notes.
Share; create mentors from your mentoring from the Mentor of mentors. List ways that you can share. List ways that you can incorporate what you’ve learned form this into your everyday life.

Here is Mike's talk. Get pen and paper handy and 
click on the arrow: 

Let me know your comments at the end of this article. Have you made the commitment to watch this seven times? Comment after the first time, then comment after watching each time. Have you watched it seven times; did you take notes each of the seven times? What did you learn? And keep your journal nearby to make note when you receive evidence for each of the five gifts that Mike shares with you in the video.

Congrats for finding this, congrats for being committed and taking action on what you learn. Life is a daring adventure or it truly is nothing.

Go forth and do great things.

Life and Legacy Coach ™ 

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