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Wealthy vs. W-2 Employee Thinking; ANSWER SHEET

Here are the answers to the "Fill-in-the-blank" worksheet that is provided for the attendees for the "Wealthy Focus VS. W-2 Focus" webinar. Every time my friend Mike does these, they fill up fast. If after reading this you want to see if we're running another webinar soon, CLICK HERE.


Mike Adams was stuck in the rat race. Did you sign up for the 40-40-40 plan?
Mike now shows people how to reach their goals in both business and real estate investing.
J.O.B. stands for JUST OVER BROKE.
Making income, but buried in debt; make more money and spend more money.
Mike earned over six figures and still felt he needed a part time job because he was in the rat race.
In the game of life what you focus on is what you are going to get.
What are the three (very) big things that w-2ers have to deal with? Liabilities & Debt, Corporations & Banks, and the biggest of all: Government taxes!
The “40-40-40 Plan” means: 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to retire on 40 percent of what you can’t live on today.
Why did Uncle Sam show up at Mike’s work every week? To take his cut!
Government taxes eat up 50 percent of what you earn.
Wealthy people think differently, they don’t think “debt” they think about systems.
Wealthy people create what is called non-linear income. W-2 employees have linear income which is trading hours for dollars. There are obvious “problems” with linear income because as we age, the quality of our hours goes down.
The wealthy acquire assets and not liabilities. This frees up their time to do what? Create more assets. That’s how the rich get rich and the poor get poorer!
Assets make money, liabilities cost you money.
Your house is not an asset; it’s a liability.
Wealthy focus on write-offs and minimize their tax liabilities. To keep more money that they earn.
Mike needed to change his thinking; do you think you need a change of thinking?

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But wait; there's more! 

Wealthy think in abundance and opportunity; w-2ers think scarcity and fear of loss.
The #1 expense in a person’s lifetime is TAXES.
You pay tax when you get your pay check, when you buy your gas, food, clothes, travel, etc.
High Income W-2 employees are in the WORST tax position. You cannot make enough money or get enough raises to escape this!
Does your company that you work for have a “Human Resource” (or something similar) department? Have you ever thought about that; “human resource”? As a W-2er you are a “human resource” for the government! Ouch! Reality sinks in, hmmmm.
If you do not have a plan, the government has a plan for you. Mike says we need to have a plan. (“No one can stop a man with a plan, because no man has a plan to stop him!”)
There are four ways to earn income, as an employee, being self-employed; basically you have made a job for yourself; it is harder in so many ways, but hopefully you enjoy it. The next two ways are being a business owner (and having employees work for you) or being an investor and creating passive income which means that money works for you.
Employees work for money, as an investor, money works for you.
As an employee or a self-employed person, no work equals “no pay”!
Get on the right side of the line by owning a system that works even when you are sick, sleeping, or on vacation; it brings in money even when you are not there!
A business with a system allows you to
  • Earn money that you can keep through owning.
  • Enjoy tax deductions and write-offs.
  • Control your time.
  • Take back control over yours and your family’s financial future.

Where can you get educated?
Your classes start with generals and on to your majors.
The price for the course is a onetime fee with no up sells! And, it is “life-time” access.
Plus, with this you become part of a community of investors.
We do real estate as a “team sport”.
Support is customized to your needs; you get what you need!
This all comes with the price of the curriculum: Live Classes, Monthly Workshops, 1 on 1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Weekly Study Groups, and Daily Webinars & Calls!
We’ll help you find capital (funding for your deals).
Jon O’Neil was a contactor and did 5 flips in his first year and made $150,000.
Bill Oehme engineer turned real estate investor because after 22 years of working at a company was laid off. (No job security with any job). He owned 40 properties prior to joining us, so we have something to offer to seasoned investors.
After working 40 years how much money is your job (or past performance) worth to you? Zero, remember; no work equals no pay.
Listen closely to what happens with the “one house a year” retirement plan.
What is the “market expansion” opportunity?
Your network equals your net worth; what does that phrase mean? Is it time for a new network?
Surround yourself with others of the same mission that you have; with like minded people.
If you continue doing the same thing, you always get the same thing. Where will you be in one, and five years if you keep doing what you are doing?
What’s your why? The reason you get up each day?
So what do you think? Does this change your thinking? 
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