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"If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers... hoarding money" comment; think.

Facebook is not a place where you’ll be enlightened and educated often. It’s a great place to get amusement and entertained, but sadly it displays not only ignorance on the part of people who post things but what is sadder is that they choose to stay ignorant. Many times I just “pass” and move on to the next post or close Facebook. But once in a while, I see something that I can use as an example to help my readers.

My comment to the above picture that was posted is this:

It's not good to "hoard" anything; it needs to be in circulation, that's why it's called cash "flow". What's great is that anyone can still become a millionaire today and anyone can copy that success. No whining and no excuses. PS. "Free your mind and Think" is good advice but I am not sure if this person thought it through enough. So many people do not think; they just "repeat".

I know I will never change this Facebook person's mind, because he doesn't want to know the facts; he is not a seeker of truth or a "thinker". I didn’t share anything more about this person’s comment that he included with the post: “Hoarding extreme wealth is destructive to so many lives in need” but I will here. 

First off, this person really has no opinion. Sure, he has a statement, but no real opinion. Why, because he hasn’t experienced “extreme wealth” or at least on a personal level. So how can he speak from that viewpoint? This is like someone speaking about Spain but has never visited or lived there, or someone speaking about bananas but never tasted one.

Further, this person makes this statement as if it is fact but it is “open ended” leaving the reader to make some kind of conclusion that by having something (wealth in this case) hurts someone else (those in need). So if you have a car, you are hurting someone in need. If you have a house, you are hurting someone in need. OK, if you have a big car or a big house, you are hurting someone in need. Many of these “in need” people don’t even know you have a big car or a big house, and they are too busy  watching a big screen TV that was given to them and keeping their dreams small to notice.

This person who “repeated” B. Lester’s comment (whoever B. Lester is or was) seems to imply that if some of this money that is being hoarded would be given to those in need that the world would be a better place. Not so. Money is a thing, just like a big screen TV is a thing, a house is a thing, a book is a thing, etc., etc. But what you do with that TV, the house and the book is what will keep you where you are in life, or propel you forward. If you are wise and using these things your life will be better and you will experience increase. Having money given to a person without this wisdom is throwing it away, into the wind, and like casting pearls before swine.

Hopefully, dear reader, you’ve gotten something from this and you are not acting like swine. It’s your choice of course.

Make it a great day!

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