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A Thank You Card motivates me to action...
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Recently I attended my nephew’s graduation celebration. I received a “thank you” card shortly after but not with the usual few short lines, but a real signal and a reminder that the things we do for others do make a difference. I will share a few of his words here, because they have moved me not only to live up to his image of me, but because his penned thoughts on a card that I may never throw away, has motivated me to start this mentoring blog in hopes of helping others. Here are his words:

“I want to take a moment to express how thankful that I am to have you as an uncle. You have taken the extra step to actually get to know me, rather than just know me as a nephew. I see you more than just an uncle. I see you as a friend, role model, and a father figure. My memories that I share with you are so full of countless emotion, but I can admit that I am glad I had the chance to share them with you. Through life, you have been there. My true hope is that as we both age, and continue our lives, we will be there for each other…”

Well, I am sure that I don’t deserve all the accolades bestowed here but it shows that we are all mentors and that others are watching. In this blog, I will share my thoughts and “gems” from my experience as a teacher, writer, performer, business person and public speaker that may help you along your journey to your desired goals; your quest for success as you define it.

Join me in this mentoring journey and leave your questions and comments so we can learn from each other.


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  1. I really enjoyed this article. It got me thinking about how important is to send a thank you note or even just to say thank you to somebody. It shows them that you appreciate what they did or are doing. I know I like it when someone says it. Leadership to me is someone who takes the lead when doing somethng. Someone who steps up to the plate and can take command. Sucess, humitlty and owning things are all very important to me but I want to be able to get those things by doing hard work. I dont want them handed to me. I work hard and its nice to have things to show for it. It makes it all worth doing. DawnP